Frequently Asked Questions

How can one register in the system?

Click here to register in the system. Registration requires some basic information - You will have to choose your own userid and password and after that the free material is accessible to you. Please see our Privacy Policy on the information we collect from you.


What is the difference between registering in NetworkTutors.com and buying products from NetworkTutors.com?

Registering requires you to provide some minimal personal information to us and creating an userid and password so that you can access the free material on the site. If you wish to avail of the additional services we provide, such as put questions to our tutors through email, chat or in person or if you want to use the extensive library of practise tests you would want to check out the services we have for sale. We process all payments through Paypal to guarantee you a secure payment environment.

What are the services offered by NetworkTutors.com?

We have solutions to help you resolve questions through email, live chat or one on one tutoring. You need to identify which service is best for you given the nature of your problem and price for each service.

We also have a series of programs through which the student is given extensive practice to improve their performance over time. New material is being added all the time.

For additional information please click here.

How do the services work ?

There are two types of service

The Email / LiveChat / Individual tutoring are mostly defined by task or time. You can ask for a limited number of email queries or ask for a certain number of hours with our tutors for a 1 to 1 session. For details please click here. We have a number of ways we service these requests e.g. You only need to provide an email address to use the Email service. The live chat service is through chat software and the on line service through state of the art web conferencing software and hardware.

The Online Education service has a large number of practice tests that are designed to take students through a planned program to develop their Math and Science skills and give them an advantage in school. Once you buy the service, they are taken through one or more placement tests that let our advisors place the student at an appropriate level. The students are then assigned assignments that they need to complete within a specific time frame. They are constantly evaluated on their performance to make sure they are progressing well.

You have to register in NetworkTutors.com to buy these services. Once you register, you can buy any of the services here.

What are the Online Education services available today and what are the plans for the future?

Initially there will be coverage for Math alone and over time we will add coverage for Science soon.

What are the advantages of registering ?

Registration makes all of the free material on the site available to you to try out at your leisure. This material spans a number of grade levels and you are likely to find something of interest to you. New material is being added all the time, so even if you do not have anything now, if you check back again soon you are quite likely to find something that is.

Who are the people who might need services from NetworkTutors.com?

Our course material and testing content covers requirements from elementary school through to college. The material and tests are designed to provide extensive practice and immediate grading so that performance improves measurably over time. Our Tutors can handle any question from elementary levels right through to University. They are highly qualified and have many years of experience to deal with any Math or Science course be it through email, live chat or on a one to one session. So if you are a parent who wants to improve your child's performance , or a student who needs help on a specific topic, this ones for you.

Who can register in NetworkTutors.com?

Registering in NetworkTutors.com is free and gives you many benefits. Anyone can register but if you are under 13, we would request you to have your parent register for you.

How do your prices compare to those of others ?

Extremely Well! We are glad you asked! Our prices are far more reasonable than thoset offered by any of our competitors. Click here for a detailed price comparison.

What are the charges?

That depends on the product or service in question. Click here for a detailed price list.

Do you run any promotions at any time?

We sometimes run promotional campaigns for different products in various media. Click here to see the current campaigns. You might want to check here often to get the best prices.

What is your privacy policy?

Please read our policy here.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment through MASTER/VISA/other credit cards and other payment options through Paypal. Our application will guide you seamlessly through to completing your payment.

I have more than 1 child. Can they share the enrollment in NetworkTutors.com or do I have to pay for each child separately?

The answer to that is yes and no. In our Online Education program, if you wish to print out the quizzes and use them many times over for different students you are welcome to do so. However we are able to monitor progress only when the quizzes are completed on line. Since each quiz is not repeated it would not be possible to have 2 students answering the same quiz online. Moreover the placement tests and the subsequent program are based on an individual's performance and so it would not work very well for two students. For the other programs that we sometimes club together such as the Email/Fax serivce - the smallest unit that you can buy is a 4 pack which lets you ask 4 questions. You can ask these 4 questions for 4 different students if you like.

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